Data Awareness

Data Care helps communities understand the collection and use of data in smart cities and identify data possibilities and opportunities.

Those seeking advice and guidance may benefit from speaking to one of the in-house Data Specialists. In addition, the following tools may be especially relevant:

Raw Data Sources

  • Google: The data associated with your Google account can be downloaded from Google Takeout in a number of formats (JSON, XML, etc.).
  • GoCard: Your GoCard data can be downloaded as a CSV file by visiting the TransLink website.

Data visualisation tools

  • Heat Map: The Location History Visualiser tool allows you to input JSON location data to create a heat map overlaid on a map.
  • Palladio: An online tool that lets you create maps, graphs, lists or galleries by inputting CSV, TAB or TSV data.
  • Gephi: An online tool that can be used for building graphs and networks.

Case Study

Ellen came to Data Care concerned about the collection of her location data while travelling on the TransLink network. Using tools recommended by a data specialist, Ellen was able to retrieve her GoCard location history and visualise the data on a map of Brisbane city.

This gave Ellen greater understanding and awareness on the collection and storage of her data by the services she used in the city.

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