Data Visualisation Tools

The data visualisation tools available at Data Care can be used to display complex data in a simple but powerful way.

Data visualisation is particularly useful when communicating an idea to a group of people as it gets the idea across quickly.


Sources of Raw Data

Data Care can assist in gathering relevant data for analysis. As the source and amount of data is a key factor in how useful the analysis will be, Data Care recommends using the following sources for collecting data:

  • Google: The data associated with your Google account can be downloaded from Google Takeout in a number of formats (JSON, XML, etc.).
  • Facebook: Your Facebook data can be downloaded as HTML or JSON by visiting the Facebook Help Centre.
  • GoCard: Your GoCard data can be downloaded as a CSV file by visiting the TransLink website.
  • Apple: The data associated with your Apple ID account, particularly your marketing and online activity, can be downloaded by visiting the Apple Privacy website.

Data Analysis Services

Data Care Specialists are here to help you understand your data requirements, offer insights and analysis of your data, lead data training, give tips for data protection and dissemination, and provide direction for your data advocacy.

We can tap into our network of different Data Experts and Advocates around the world to offer better analysis of your data.

Data Care Specialists can assist groups share data amongst the individual members using a locally hosted server that destroys all traces of data when stopped. This protects the data shared in the sessions and prevents data leakage.


datacare specialist

Exhibition Tools

The exhibition tools at Data Care can be useful to present information in a larger scale for a bigger audience. These tools allow for impactful and interactive presentation to engage and spark conversation.