Data Care Mission

We live in a world where more data are collected than ever before. This data offers enormous potential to improve our cities and social spaces, but there are risks too. What is complicated about data are that there are so many ways that you can deal with it. We understand that data are contested, socially contextual and complex.

We care about enhancing privacy without removing the usefulness of data connections; improving the autonomy of citizens to have real choices about how their data are used; and making smart cities more liveable, sustainable, and equitable.

This is important for city administrators’ social licence to operate – that is, ongoing approval and acceptance by the local community. This requires a reversal of the asymmetrical relationship between data collectors and citizens, where citizens become empowered, understand how their data are used, and are able to use their data for the public good. Data sovereignty means citizens have control over their data, and are able to use it to inform the development of social landscapes.

We care about data. That’s why we’re Data Care.


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