Urban data in the digital age has the potential to make our cities more liveable, sustainable, and equitable. This potential can only be realised if the social licence to operate a smart city is underpinned by Good Data practices.

Data Care increases data transparency and access, showcases new business opportunities, and empowers citizens.

Data Care is a dedicated facility offered by the city to citizens, communities, businesses. The Data Care space can be tailored to raise awareness of data ethics, to run data literacy training seminars, to engage in participatory data analytics, and to speculate about city data futures.

Use Cases

Data Awareness

Data Care helps communities understand the collection and use of data in…

Data Literacy

Data Care provides data literacy workshops, training and education so that citizens…

Data Action

Data Care empowers citizens, community groups, city administrators, and business to share…

Data Futures

Data Care brings citizens, businesses and city administrators together to speculate about…


“Data Care has been integral to redefining the smart city to ensure it serves its citizens, rather than the other way around. Data produced by the citizen belongs to the citizen.”


“Data Care has provided a platform for citizens to organise, develop insights from their data and lobby for positive social change.”


“Before Data Care the city was run top-down, and technology first. Now, it is run bottom-up and people first.”


“People didn’t know what information was being collected about them, why, and how it was being used. Now, with Data Care, citizens understand the information that is being collected in the smart city, they determine what information is shared or kept private, and have been given a voice to advocate what is done with it.”


“With Data Care, citizens are empowered to challenge governments and corporations that have traditionally used their data for social control and to perpetuate structural inequalities”